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the intern's name was stacy, my name is also stacy. if you believe in coincidences in was that. this blog will feature words and pictures made my me or others. these things will express opinions and feelings about the podcast welcome to night vale. if that appeals to you follow me and in turn i will follow you. in doing that we will be able to look at our computer screens feel as though we are communicating by sharing our feelings via script and codes so that we can feel a weird and false sense of unity over a common interest. isn't that neat, and kind of surreal? wow, technology


Just a bunch of Night Vale quotes. None of these belong to me. 

1: Go to underground city
2: Steal houses
3: Put them in crates
4: Distribute to warehouses
5: ?????
6: Profit
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I love how in midst of all the debate about what anyone in Night Vale looks like, it is universally accepted that Carlos’s only shoes are Converse high-tops

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goodnight, night vale, goodnight.


I got this idea while I was doodling Josie earlier, and… ugh. I had to. ;__; 

Thanks rebutle for getting me hooked on drawing cute old ladies okay.


Night Vale Inspires - Part 6 ♥

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Tips on dealing with fandom drama

1: Leave the welcome to night vale tag on tumblr.com
2: Clear your browser history of anything pertaining to the welcome to night vale tag on tumblr.com
3: Consult your friendly neighbourhood neurosurgeon on destroying the part of your brain that remembers the welcome to night vale tag on tumblr.com
4: Listen to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast twice a month.
5: Consider Welcome to Night Vale cosplay, buying Welcome to Night Vale merchandise, and donating to Welcome to Night Vale
6: Go for a walk, do your homework, buy a goldfish, improve your quality of life